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Twitter is a micro-blogging website, and it's one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. Today, over 300 million users use Twitter, and they post over 500 million tweets daily.

Such staggering statistics serve to enhance the pedigree that Twitter is an effective social media platform.

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Amongst all the other social media platforms, it has arguably the largest marketing capacity. Over 80% of its total user population accesses the platform on mobile devices. Therefore, this site is now very popular for mobile marketing purposes.

For small and medium enterprises, social media is an invaluable component of the online marketing strategy. The modern-day marketplace is saturated with a lot of competing brands all vying for patronage. The biggest arena of this online competition is Twitter. In order to build a strong customer base and achieve far-reaching brand recognition, a robust approach to the way in which a brand's account is handled is of paramount importance.

The Case for Buying Twitter Followers, Retweets & Likes

Whether you are a regular user or an entrepreneur, there is a certain appeal associated with a large following. It is a landmark achievement targeted by many "tweeps" as there is a profound prestige in having five and six-digit number of Twitter followers attached to one's profile.

There are some experts who have labeled a large proportion of social media activities, the network inclusive, to be nothing but modern-day narcissism. But how is it different when businesses promote themselves and when individuals seek to gain a wider audience? It really does seem like semantics when considered objectively.

The effectiveness of robust marketing of personal and brand identities cannot be overemphasized. There are numerous examples of how obscure persons and brands have become propelled to celebrity status on the "tweetosphere" by means of efficient and effective marketing strategies.

Integral to the successes achieved by these individuals and brand accounts has been the acquisition of more Twitter followers, likes, and retweets. The more Twitter followers attached to an account, the higher the probability of that account getting its messages across to more people.

More than Just a Vanity Metric

In reality, it may seem a bit ridiculous to relate the value of the online presence of an account to the number of Twitter followers, likes, and retweets it has. However, there is simply no denying the fact that these numbers - Twitter followers, likes, and retweets - despite being a vanity metric are seen by many as an indicator of the level of importance that can be ascribed to the account in question. This perceived level of importance based on following cuts across all categories of accounts from personal to business and everything in between.

Even if the Twitter followers, likes, and retweets are fake, i.e., an inactive account that does not interact in any way with your tweets, the prestige that comes with a large following is anything but fake. There is an overwhelming tendency for people to generally ascribe a degree of authoritativeness to accounts with large follower base. Thus, for example, consider the case of a newly opened lounge in the heart of a bustling Metropolitan City with an active nightlife.

The opening night of the lounge is drawing near, and they wish to make a decision on the cover band to employ. One of the important parameters that will inform their choice of a cover band will be the following of each candidate in their shortlist. The main reasoning will be that a band with a large "following" will be able to attract patronage to their lounge which overall is good for business.

A Little Thing Called The Bandwagon Effect

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When it comes to the social media scene, one of the indicators of success is to appear to look successful, and the site is no exception. The colloquial phrase - "fake it until you make it" - comes to mind. Having a large follower base is a sure indicator of success, never mind whether the majority of them are real or fake accounts.

A large following is a general indicator of social credibility and influence. When tweeps come upon an account with a large following in their preferred niche, they are more than likely to become Twitter followers of that account as against others with small follower base. As far as the Twitter scene is concerned, it is all a game of numbers. Numbers equal power, and having a large follower base is a sure fire way to propel one's personal or brand identity to stratospheric heights.

Imagine an account of a local florist with only 15 Twitter followers, likes, and retweets. Most people will be unlikely to take their tweets seriously. However, if the florist's account experiences a jump in Twitter followers, likes and retweets to 2500 for example, their credibility increases exponentially as well. Even if these 2485 new Twitter followers are fake Twitter followers, the very fact that the florist now has a lot of Twitter followers, likes and retweets are enough for many tweeps to become interested in the brand.

Over time, these tweeps will become "real Twitter followers" of the florist's account, and this will most likely even translate to more patronage and increased revenue for the florist. In a sense, the "bot Twitter followers" have actually helped in generating real Twitter followers, likes, and retweets as a result of their presence generating a sense of imagined prestige.

Much Cheaper To Buy Twitter Followers, Likes & Retweets Than To Grow

There once was a story on the internet of an individual who decides he was going to "grow his own burger" rather than buy one from one of the fast food chains. He grew his own lettuce, reared his own chicken and made his own salt.

It took him several months to make his own burger and ended up costing him almost $1000 to make one burger which costs as low as $3.99, a whopping 25,000 percent more expensive. Apart from the expensive nature of the enterprise, he spent more time than was required if he had just gone down the road a few blocks to his local burger house. This same analogy also applies to the subject of growing followers.

Attempting to grow a large following "organically" is an incredibly tasking and laborious process. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort, much like the analogy of the individual who tried to grow his own burger. You will need to come up with great and innovative content consistently.

The thing with great and innovative contents is that they are highly subjective. Not everyone will find your witty remarks to be incredible as you thought them to be in your head. There are also other variables associated with trying to grow a "following" organically that makes the process seem not, unlike the analogy of the individual in the opening analogy of this section.

Instead of expending such monumental amount of time and effort, you can just as easily buy Twitter followers. It is a much more straightforward process than having to wrack your brain trying to be innovative all the time.

The Truth Is That Everyone Buys Twitter Followers, Likes & Retweets

Do you know that everyone from charismatic politicians like Barack Obama and Donald Trump (44th & 45th president of the United States of America) to celebrities like Lady Gaga and even sporting figures like Iker Casillas at one time or the other have augmented their followers base by buying Twitter followers, likes, and retweets?

In fact, it is an extremely commonplace practice for many of these people to buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets at sites like this one. Start-ups in service fields like Technology and Retail understand the initial push that can be gotten from buying followers right from the onset.

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The Final Analysis

Yes, buying Twitter followers, likes and retweets on a site like this are basically buying numbers attached to an account. However, in the long run, it goes far beyond this. There are several benefits that can be accrued from buying Twitter followers, likes and retweets. The real question then is no longer if one should buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets but how does one go about buying Twitter followers, likes, and retweets.

That's Where We Come In

We offer the very best of services when it comes to buying real Twitter followers, likes and retweets. When you buy Twitter followers, likes and retweets from us, you get real accounts as Twitter followers, not a bunch of "egg Twitter accounts". With us, you are assured of the fact that the purchased Twitter followers, likes, and retweets will interact with your tweets.

That means Twitter likes, retweets, and shares automatically imply robust word of mouth advertising within the tweetosphere. The presence of your personal and brand account is sure to become incredibly enhanced just by buying real Twitter followers, likes and retweets from us.

With real Twitter followers, likes and retweets from us, your account is sure to get an all-around boost that will have you marveling at the results. Don't just take our word for it, buy Twitter followers, retweets and likes from today and let us give your account an almighty leg up.



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